ILLUMI-FI Products

APL Hi-Fi is proud to announce a range of new and exciting products, representing the finest audio equipment and sound quality available. Individually our audio components will add great value combined with unique performance to any audio system.

No Boundaries



Digital to Analog Conversion, DISC and Network Players

  • Reference DSD-MR Pure DSD D/A Converter with tube output stage
  • Reference CD/SACD digital audio transport
  • All Solid State DSD-SR D/A converter with built-in lossless hybrid volume control
  • Network Audio Player featuring low-noise linear power


Power and Phono Amplification

  • Reference Hybrid Amplification System
  • All Solid State MOSFET Power Amplifier
  • All Solid State MC Phono Preamplifier


Floorstanding Speakers

  • Reference Floorstanding Speakers featuring Seas Exotic main drivers with AlNiCo magnets and passive radiators
  • Reference Floorstanding Speakers featuring Scan-Speak Revelator drivers and modular design approach


Power, Interconnect and Speaker Cables, Power Splitting Device

  • Limited Edition Power Cable featuring Furutech NCF connectors and high purity OFC conductors
  • Limited Edition Interconnect Cable made with solid core µ-OFC conductors and flagship Furutech RCA connectors
  • Limited Edition Speaker Cables with special geometry, solid core OFC conductors and flagship Furutech connectors
  • Carbon Edition Power Splitting Device featuring unique construction, made with special metal alloys and carbon fiber

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