APL Hi-Fi was first established in 1988 by an aspiring audio engineer, Alex Peychev from Ruse, Bulgaria. Since, Alex has gained international experiences in engineering including Sony North America and further experience within the European market.

APL Hi-Fi as a brand has expanded coming from an award-winning modification background with development of its own products at the same time.

Today APL Hi-Fi is based solely on its own production of unique and individually handcrafted products achieving a new meaning of boutique. Each product is handled with the highest quality standards and aims to achieve our “No Boundaries” motto.

Our goal has always been to stay true to the sound and its nature, each ILLUMI-FI product is thus strategically designed and engineered with this nature in mind.

The mission of the company has always been clear, to enchant the homes of our listeners, to bring out the magic of the microphone and to create a new class of audio components that truly make the next level difference in natural sound.

Our vision for the future, is to develop further products that answer to our goal and mission, we always look toward sustainable and future-friendly solutions to combine the present to our outlook.

You will experience No Boundaries.

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