The New DSD-AR

For the new 2020, we are proud to announce the new and most affordable D/A converter on our digital product line, the DSD-AR.

The new junior member of our digital sources family, the DSD-AR, is now available to order through our distributors.
It offers impressive performance at its price point. We are looking forward to your feedback about the sound.


It has an all-aluminum enclosure, custom power and output audio transformers by Lundahl in Sweden, Femto-clocks, low-noise all-linear power supplies (no switching power of any sort), D/A conversion devices working in DSD-only mode and Class-A, no OpAmps on the signal path and many more nice features.

The DSD-AR has a USB input, as well as Coax RCA and AES/EBU XLR digital inputs. Analog outputs are RCA and XLR selectable by a switch on the back.


Accepted digital formats through USB are up to 384kHz/32Bit PCM and up to DSD256.
The Coaxial and AES digital inputs accept up to 192kHz/24bit
All incoming PCM rates are being converted to DSD128 or DSD256, user-selectable from the remote control.
There are Normal, Slow roll-off and Zero digital filter selections to choose from for PCM signals, prior to DSD conversion.


The DSD-AR offers a unique sound quality which is in line with our “house sound”. We are certain that many audiophiles will fall in love with it, especially when it comes to analog-like sound reproduction from digital.


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