Our accessory production includes Power, Interconnect and Speaker Cables, along with a unique Power Splitting Device.

PSD-M10 Carbon Edition

Power Splitting Device Master

  • Provides best in class power distribution for audio equipment by decreasing the electromagnetic fields, micro sparking and vibrations.
  • Uses special conductors, connectors, metal alloy and wood combination, carefully selected for the most neutral and uncolored sonic character possible.

PCC-M Limited Edition

Reference Power Connection Cord Master Limited Edition

  • Provides best in class tonal balance of power transmission by controlling the electromagnetic fields and vibrations.
  • Uses power conductors and connectors that were specially selected for the most neutral, uncolored sonic character.


Interconnect Cable made with solid core µ-OFC conductors and flagship Furutech RCA connectors

  • Includes proprietary cable geometry for minimal electromagnetic interferences.

SPC-M Limited Edition

Limited Edition Speaker Cables

We have been working hard to polish and present you with our new Limited Edition Speaker Cables. Their release is coming very soon to our ILLUMI-FI product line, so stay tuned!

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