PSD-M10 Carbon

Power Splitting Device Master


The Power Splitting Device Master is a hand-made boutique, specially made and fine-tuned to provide the best power distribution for the audio equipment by decreasing the electromagnetic fields, micro sparking and vibrations.

The PSD-M10 Carbon uses special conductors, connectors, metal alloy and wood combination, carefully selected for the most neutral and uncolored sonic character possible.

  • Pure material based power treatment, zero filters.
  • Carbon fiber cover for significantly reduced electromagnetic interferences.
  • Specially selected metal alloys and wood assuring best sound characteristics.
  • Solder free design.
  • High quality Furutech Japan-made connectors featuring NCF technology.
  • Internal wiring made with 99.996 OFC Copper conductors.
  • Designed and hand-crafted in Bulgaria

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