Our Analog production line includes Power and Phono Amplification products.


Reference preamplifier
  • Unique input switching and attenuator control without the use of any mechanical switches or specialized integrated circuits.
  • Differential Class-A tube output stage featuring ECC99 tubes and custom-made Lundahl output transformers wound with Oxygen Free Copper.
  • Extremely natural, detailed and dynamic presentation.


Reference Phono preamplifier for Moving Coil cartridges

  • Specially designed and voiced for the most enthusiastic vinyl-loving audiophiles who prefer uncolored tonality.
  • It has excellent detail retrieval and dynamics, combined with harmonically rich and effortless sound reproduction.


Unique Hybrid Modular Amplification System

  • Explosively dynamic, high-current IGBT power output stages, capable of driving even the most difficult speakers with ease.
  • Offers the naturalness and liquidity of Single-Ended, Direct-Heated 2A3 or 300B triodes.


We have been working hard to polish and present you with our new all-solid-state Stereo Power Amplifier. Its release is coming very soon to our ILLUMI-FI product line, so stay tuned!

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