Reference Phono preamplifier for Moving Coil cartridges


The PHS-SR is our Reference all-solid-state phono preamplifier, specially designed and voiced for the most enthusiastic vinyl-loving audiophiles who prefer uncolored tonality, excellent detail retrieval and dynamics, combined with harmonically rich and effortless sound reproduction.

It is an all-hand-made exclusive design, in the best tradition of boutique manufacturing, built for the best possible vinyl playback audio quality.

The first hybrid phonostage we built more than 10 years ago was extremely well received by vinyl enthusiasts around the San Francisco Bay Area.

The PHS-SR topology has been carefully chosen and further refined through the years combined with endless experiments, resulting in a design that does not use vacuum tubes, but lacks the analytical qualities often associated with a solid-state sonic character.

The achieved audio reproduction quality will surprise both tube and solid-state fans with a very live-like natural and neutral presentation that cannot be attributed to the usual sonic signature of tubes or transistors.

Please see Features for more details.

Signal Processing

  • Step-up transformer-coupled input using highest quality Lundahl with OFC windings.
  • Low-noise, two gain stages design.
  • All active stages working in Class-A mode.
  • Split passive and active RIAA equalization.
  • Class-A Single Ended MOSFET output stage.
  • One capacitor on the signal path using a hand-made CAST-Cu by Duelund.
  • Non-magnetic resistors.
  • No relays or switches with mechanical contacts on the signal path.
  • Specially selected active and passive components.
  • Solid Oxygen Free Copper signal wiring.
  • Top quality Furutech RCA connectors.

Power Supply

  • Oversized Custom P-Core balanced power transformer.
  • Low-noise linear voltage regulators.
  • Super-large capacitor filter bank.
  • High grade, specially selected rectifiers and passive components.
  • Solid Oxygen Free Copper wiring.

Convenience and mechanical

  • FLD display with custom selectable Rose, Blue or Green colors. Please specify when ordering.
  • Microprocessor control with last settings memory.
  • All-Aluminum precision-machined enclosure.
  • Aluminum Remote control.


Analog Inputs

  • Two remote control selectable MC cartridge inputs with top line Furutech RCA connectors.

Analog Outputs

  • Single Ended RCA outputs with top line Furutech connectors.

Power input and fuses

  • IEC power inlet made by Furutech, NCF series.
  • 115V or 230V / 50-60Hz, factory pre-set.
  • Other power input voltages available on request.
  • 0.1A fuse for standby power supply.
  • 1A special Gold fuse by AMR for main power supply.

Dimensions and weight

  • W435 x H130 x D320 millimeters.
  • Front panel width – 450 millimeters.
  • Height with feet included – 160 millimeters.
  • Weight – 10kg unpacked.

Included Accessories

  • Special power cable of our design.
  • User Manual.

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