Unique reference preamplifier with a transformer-coupled balanced tube output stage designed to provide extremely natural sound quality.


The PRE-MR is an all-hand-made boutique preamplifier designed for the most enthusiastic audiophiles who cannot settle for anything else but the absolute best.

From the input switching module made without using any mechanical contacts to the very dynamic and transparent differential tube output stage featuring ECC99 tubes and custom-made Lundahl output transformers, the PRE-MR offers a truly unique sound quality that is in a class of its very own.
Signal Processing
  • Microprocessor controlled discrete attenuator module with precision 0.75dB steps.
  • Memorized attenuator levels for each input.
  • Differential tube output stage featuring ECC99 tubes.
  • Zero Negative Feedback.
  • Custom-made Lundahl output transformers featuring Oxygen Free Copper windings.
  • Non-magnetic resistors.
  • Solid Oxygen Free Copper internal wiring for the analog signal path.
  • No mechanical switching devices on the signal path or on the power supply lines.
Power Supply
  • Oversized Custom P-Core balanced power transformer.
  • Super-large capacitor filter bank.
  • High grade, specially selected rectifiers and passive components.
  • High quality power filtering choke made by Lundahl.
  • Delayed High-Voltage power for increased tube life.
  • Solid Oxygen Free Copper wiring for the power supply as well.
Convenience and mechanical
  • Large FLD display made in Japan by Noritake.
  • Custom selectable colors, Red, Blue or Green. Please specify when ordering.
  • Average temperature display for internal temperature.
  • Infrared Remote Control capable of controlling DSD-SR MK2, DSD-MR MK2 and DTR-MR as well.
  • Very solid All-Aluminum precision machined enclosure, same size as the DSD-MR MK2.
  • 2-years warranty/6-months for the tubes with an available 3-year warranty extension, with the online product registration, excluding the tubes
Analog Inputs
  • Three Single Ended RCA inputs with top line Furutech connectors.
  • One Balanced input with top line Furutech XLR connectors.
  • Input impedance 12 kilo-Ohms.
Analog Outputs
  • Single Ended RCA outputs with top line Furutech connectors.
  • Balanced XLR output with top line Furutech XLR connectors.
  • Note! Both XLR and RCA outputs cannot be used simultaneously. Please select from switch on the back.
  • Output impedance approximately 150 Ohms, resistor limited.
Power input and fuses
  • IEC power inlet made by Furutech NCF series.
  • 115V or 230V / 50-60Hz, factory pre-set.
  • Other power input voltages available on request.
  • 2A special ceramic fuse.
Dimensions and weight
  • W450 x H120 x D380 millimeters.
  • Height with feet included – 140 millimeters.
  • Weight – 22.5kg unpacked.
  • Infrared Remote Control.
  • User Manual.
  • Certificate of Authenticity.

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