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The DNP-SR is the perfect network streaming companion for our DSD-MR MK2 and DSD-SR MK2 D/A converters.
It offers rich analogue-like sound quality from computer-based playback mostly because it runs on 100% low-noise linear power supplies and uses femto-clocks.
The XMOS USB controller, LAN network controller, Wi-Fi network module and even the quad-core processor and its memory are running on linear power regulators.
Being based on AURALiC Aries platform, the DNP-SR is feature-rich and can be used with Roon, Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz and DropBox, if you have such accounts.
Note about why DNP-SR is based on AURALiC Aries audio streaming platform
While based on the AURAliC Aries, an already outstanding product, we have obtained far better performance from this platform.
Aside from many design features which we can’t reveal, it should be mentioned that the 11 (eleven) switching mode power supplies in the original Aries have been replaced with all-linear, low-noise power supplies, including an oversized hand-made power transformer. These are expensive but contribute to an increase in the natural sound quality the DNP-SR produces.
This is also the only computer audio streaming device offering such powerful streaming capabilities we know of to feature truly 100% linear power. Even the quad-core processor and its memory are linear-powered, unlike any other computer audio available at any price.
Digital Processing
  • RCA and AES/EBU digital outputs supporting up to 192kHz/24 as well as DSD64 in DoP format.
  • USB port for connecting to external D/A converters.
  • USB port for connecting external storage with music files. Please note this USB power is limited to 500mA current supply.
  • DTR output for connecting to our D/A converters featuring DTR inputs.
Power Supply
  • Oversized custom-made P-Core balanced main power transformer.
  • Ultra-large 70,000uF capacitors bank.
  • Eleven low-noise linear power supplies – Zero switching mode power supplies design.
  • High grade, specially selected Schottky rectifiers and passive components.
  • Solid Copper wiring.
Convenience and mechanical
  • FLD display with custom selectable Red, Blue or Green colors. Please specify when ordering.
  • Very solid all-aluminum, precision machined enclosure.
Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • S/PDIF coaxial digital output.
  • AES/EBU balanced digital output.
  • DTR digital output for connecting APL Hi-Fi DACs with DTR input.
  • USB output for connecting DAC with USB input.
  • USB input for connecting external USB storage such as HDD or SSD.
Supported Formats
Supported Sampling Rates at the DTR and USB outputs to DAC
  • PCM up to 384kHz/32bit.
  • DSD up to DSD512 in NativeDSD mode and up to DSD128 in DoP mode.
  • DSD based on both 44.1kHz and 48kHz is supported.
  • Note. The DNP-SR comes preset to output NativeDSD for all rates.
Supported Sampling Rates at the Coaxial and AES/EBU outputs to DAC
  • PCM up to 192kHz/24bit.
  • DSD64 only in DoP format.
 Internal Power Supplies
  • Oversized custom hand-made power transformer.
  • 11 Linear low-noise power supplies.
  • 100% switching power supplies Free design.
 Power inlet and fuse
  • IEC power inlet made by Furutech, top line NCF series.
  • 120V or 230V / 50-60Hz, factory pre-set
  • Other power input voltages available on request.
  • 1A special ceramic fuse.
 Dimensions and weight
  • W450 x H120 x D380 millimeters
  • Front panel width – 450 millimeters
  • Height with feet included – 140 millimeters
  • Weight – 13kg unpacked
 Included Accessories
  • Two antennas for wireless connection
  • Certicate of Authenticity
  • User Manual
Optional Accessories 
  • DTR cable made by Esprit Audio in France

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