APL Hi-Fi DSD-MR DAC and DNP-SR Streamer – Review

Although it means you hear a bit less from us, we‘d like to think that when we do upload a rare post, it positively surprises and inspires you …to visit us at an event, to discover our products, and get to know APL Hi-Fi through the eyes or rather ears of industry experts!


Our most recent review has the US audiophile community buzzing!


“The APL Hi-Fi DSD-MR DAC is a unique product to say the least. It’s unique in its design and sound quality. Its custom designed digital to analog conversion and FPGA PCM to DSD modulator are part of why the DSD-MR sounds the way it does. APL’s Alex Peychev had a singular goal in mind when designing the DSD-MR, to get as close to analog as possible.”


We felt like we could hear the sound just by reading the descriptions!

Thank you to Audiophile Style for giving our digital to analogue DSD-MR DAC and our DNP-SR streamer such a detailed perspective into their unique sound!

Take a peak inside our product and this wonderful review here:

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